{August 31 2014}


Personal headcanon; Jean taught Marco how to read and write.

Jean Kirschtein [Trainee camp] (SNK)

Marco Bodt - Void
Photographer - Sin

{August 30 2014}


Gou and me will join omegle now.
Our tags will be Free, Iwatobi Swim Club, Eternal Summer and  Cosplay. Also there’ll be the tag sharksareawesome if someone’s interested in finding us.

{August 30 2014}


Vi [Officer] (League of Legends)

Caitlyn - Void
Photographer - Cuerography

{August 29 2014}


Finally another Awesome Friends Feature Friday - introducing Shikihime!
Shiki is part of a group of Swiss cosplayers (let’s call them ‘The Pizza Hut Conhon Gang’ because that’s what they are) I grew really found of.
Funny thing is… I actually can’t remember our first meeting. She suddenly became one of those great guys I never want to lose again and I’m so glad I was able to get to know her.
She’s a sweet, positive and kind person and the thing that suits her most is that adorable smile of hers - she also ‘wears’ that quite a lot, I have never seen her without it. It’s really easy to have a good laugh with her (and forget about a stressful event at a convention or similar stuff).
As a cosplayer I treasure her too. Even though she herself says she isn’t  confident enough to sew her costumes by herself (they’re made by a tailor) yet she’s doing a great job in my opinion.
Depicting a cute, innocent and friendly character just comes so easy to her and it always looks so natural! Her smile is one of the prettiest things on earth because she really means it - without faking anything. Just look at her eyes and you can tell she’s being 100% honest with that facial expression. c; That’s something I admire a lot about her.
Also she has a great taste in characters. I don’t know most of them, but seeing her cosplaying as them and being all keen about them makes me want to read the stories or play the games they’re from.
Cosplaying together with her is a relaxing thing and means lot of fun too. Sadly I only hat the pleasure once until now, but she made sure to create a nice memory. Hopefully we’ll be able to spend more time together in the future - wearing costumes and while just being ourselfs.
May she always pull out her conhon while we’re eating at pizza hut so the ‘GANG’ stays together until the end of time! :D


  • Which of the characters you have cosplayed so far would you consider the closest to your own characteristics? Which ones differ the most?

The one closest to my characteristics would be… I guess it’s Tsuruhime, even though I don’t know much of her except for those information and YouTube clips that I’ve received from my Chibi. I was able to let out all the cuteness and had lots of fun being cute for one whole day~ Totally my strength! xPThe one resembling me least would be Kagamine Rin, in the Daughter of Evil version. As stated above, I’m more of a warmhearted and “cute” person, not one of an ice-cold character. However, I enjoyed being a cold person for one day. 8D

  • What is your favorite photo (irrespective of the character you are portraying) and why?

I have many pictures I really like, but I guess, this one’s the one I’m fondest of. Everything’s perfect in this picture and it shows everything that I would’ve wanted to be shown.

  • Is there a story linked to a certain costume you will never forget?

Actually, there’s at least one memorable story linked to every single one of my costumes. But the one I will always keep remembering about is the one relating to my Road Camelot costume, the first character I’ve ever cosplayed. Initially, it was planned as a partner cosplay and I would have a Sir Tiky Mick accompanying me on the con… However, due to some unforgettable circumstances I was alone on the con and only after two years of waiting did I have my partner to cosplay with. xD

  • Let’s travel back in time to the origins of your history as a cosplayer. Have you ever portrayed a character you never would have dared to have a go at back then? Why did you change your mind?

I seriously wouldn’t have thought that I’d ever be doing a cosplay of a J-Rocker… Seriously, I just have too much respect. Dx But who would’ve guessed that the second and third one would’ve been J-Rockers?The reason why I’ve changed my mind was because I had somebody who was accompanying me. Furthermore, the tailors who made these costumes for me used so beautiful materials and made them really perfect! I’m glad I did it after all. ^^

  • Do you have a specific material you enjoy working with? For which cosplay did you use it?

All of my costumes have been made by tailors because I’m still not confident enough to sew these costumes myself. Therefore, I don’t really have a favorite material.

  • Show us your favourite DERPpicture!

I can’t choose between these two. There are great memories connected to both! x3

  • Where can you be found?

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_Shikihime_
Animexx: Shikihime http://animexx.onlinewelten.com/mitglieder/steckbrief.php?id=200796
Tumblr (randomly active or not): http://harunohime.tumblr.com

1. Shirakiin Ririchiyo [Youkai] (Secret Service - Maison de Ayakashi) - Sin
2. Kagamine Rin [Daughter of Evil] (Vocaloid) - Mr. Frog
3. Aikawa Rami (Dolls) - Rosi
4. Tsuruhime (Sengoku Basara) - Sin
5. Aizuki Maria (From the new world) - Sevun
6. Road Camelot (D.Gray-man) - Veronika
7. Kusanagi Yui (Kamigami no Asobi) - Sin
8. Lamia (Devils and Realist) - Sin
9. May Chang (Fullmetal Alchemist) - Mr. Frog

{August 28 2014}


i've noticed you cosplayed Rin and wondered where you buy your binders and how comfortable they were??

Hi there (again)! :D
I’m not sure if you mean the casual cosplay or the arabian version, so I guess I’m gonna answer for both of them.
In case of the ‘casual’ one and cloths covering my upper body  I mostly use one of those chest binders. —> [link] They’re really easy to put on and comfortable to wear. Furthermore I’m able take them off without shuffeling off my whole costume first and that’s superhandy in my opinion. c:
If I’m doing open-chest costumes (like arabian-Rin or Kurobara) I’m using really strong duct tape (it’s called ‘Panzertape’ in German) because other tapes tend to come off really fast thanks to my skin. It’s not a solution I’d recommend though (at least not without testing it first by placing a small piece of it on your skin and observing how it reacts to the gum), depending on your skin it can be really dangerous. It works for me, but in general it’s way more reasonable to use a more skin-friendly tape (for example the ones you use for fixing bandages or patches - they work too).

{August 28 2014}


*gasps* thank you ur are now on my list of cosplay senpais omg but one more question i know its probably stupid but where did u buy the styrofoam and did you have problems with it chipping or crumbling away?


No problem at all, don’t worry. C; You’re not annoying at all!
I got the styrofoam form a do-it-yourself store (it’s called Obi here but I’m not sure if that’s of any help since I live in Switzerland). Not every store has it, but I’m pretty sure they can help you there if you ask the staff.
The chipping wasn’t that much of a problem, the material itself is really stable. I suggest to use a sharp cutter though, it makes things a lot easier - mostly the cutting part (but carefully with your fingers, my left thumb had to suffer quite a lot <’D).
Carving it was actually the most easiest and fun part. It went really smooth, I was even able to carve out an inwardly curve (I used the same material to built my hands for Vi from League of Legends) pretty easily.
If you have any more questions feel free to ask me - I’m glad if I’m able to help! :D

{August 28 2014}


hi i was just wondering how you made your klk scissor blade thing. or what you made it out of ?

Hi there! C:
My scissor blade is made out of styrofoam. I cutted, carved and sandpapered it and covered it with wheatpaste and woodglue afterwards.
I actually made two ‘progress’-posts. You can find them [here] and [here].
I really hope I was able to help you, dear Anon! ヾ(。◝‿◜。)

{August 28 2014}


Matoi Ryuko (Kill la Kill)

Kiryuin Satsuki - Void
Mankanshoku Mako - pu
Photographer - Sin

{August 27 2014}


I decided to upload our Edge-Chronicles-shooting as different photosets with a certain topic, trying to tell a story we made up ourselfs. Since those two were on the move for quite a long time we tried to fill out the ‘gaps’ - how did they travel, what stories about his experiences with the Dark Woods did Twig tell Cowlquape, what were they able to see?
Other than that we also tried to depict the events happening in the book, so the whole thing will be some kind of jumble created out of the original storyline and our own thoughts and ideas. I hope you’ll like them as much as we do!
I will upload them at Wednesday, renaming it ‘Wedgesday’ - this will also be the tag for those sets.

Set 1 - A good night’s rest [own thoughts]
Twig knows how scary and dangerous the Dark Woods can be - especially at night. That’s why he watches over Cowlquape who fell asleep trying to read one of his beloved rolls to calm himself down (it’s not enough just standing in the middle of the Dark Woods, he still has this urge to expand his knowledge - and Twig stopped to make fun of it by now because he started to understand him a little more - also he understands Cowlquape’s need to distract himself).
Even though he’s asleep Cowlquape still holds on to his precious rolls while Twig stays awake, rotating night watch with Spooler and Goom to keep all of them save.
Find the other sets [here]

Twig/Arborinus Verginix [Midnight over Sanctaphrax] (The Edge Chronicles)

The Edge Chronicles is my favourite fantasy novel series by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell.
Cowlquape Pentephraxis - pu
Photographer - Sin

{August 26 2014}


I really wanted to do the chopstick-/fish-thing - ironically Shugo brought sushi the day we had our shooting. :D

Fai D. Flourite [Outo] (TRC)

Sakura - Bezi
Photographer - pu