{July 28 2014}


It’s so hard to think this would fade away
What goes up must come down
Why can’t we just live life with no consequence
And always live in the now
Forget about the sunrise
Fight the sleep in your eyes
I don’t wanna miss a second with you
Let’s stay this way forever
It only gets better
If we want it to

You know I wish that this night would never be over
There’s plenty of time to sleep when we die
So lets just stay awake until we grow older
If I had my way we’d never close our eyes
Our eyes

Never close our eyes' by Adam Lambert
This song reminds me of those two characters and their relationship everytime I hear it, especially the part I posted here. It’s actually my headcanon that Marco and Jean used to sneak out of the bedders to watch the stars together if they weren’t too exhausted - and those lyrics kind of represent a possible dialog they had in one of those moments.
So this photoset is me mixing my personal headcanon with Jean remembering those nights and this particular conversation long after Marco has passed, because he was the only one who stayed awake and he isn’t able to make Marco wake up again. He has already closed his eyes forever.
This was what I was thinking about as we did the grieving scene - made it pretty easy to actually start crying (which I did).
Sorry, I really just felt like creating something sad and sharing my thoughts with someone.

Jean Kirschtein [Trainee camp] (SnK)

Marco Bodt - Void
Photograper - VH-Visions / Maultaschenprinz

{July 27 2014}


{July 26 2014}


The next convention is right around the corner and I’m working on my costume of Ryuko from Kill la Kill right now.
This cosplay is a rather big challenge for me, because I have no idea how plaid skirts work (although it went pretty well, gladly) and I’m a noob as soon as it comes to crafting.
For the scissor blade I’m currently using styrofoam, cutting and carving it. Next step will be sandpapering the whole thing and fill in the little dents with modelling clay. I will probably cover it with wheatpaste and woodglue to steady it afterwards. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it next week - it went surprisingly well until now according to my noobness. :D

Have you seen Kamina sitting there and judging my work? He’s just as sceptical as Senketsu.

{July 25 2014}


The curtain rises for Void!
She’s the world’s greatest WURST and no one can convince me otherwise.
Void is MISTER HUSBANDO and the only one who’s allowed to call me MISTER WAIFU. We got to know each other a year ago thanks to TRC and I’m still thankful to the guys for ‘accosting’ us.. Otherwise I would have missed a lot of wonderful moments, fun talk, crazy shit and, above all, a really precious person.
Void is definitively some kind of wig-God sent from wig-styling-heaven. Her styling skills are amazing and it’s so fascinating to just watch her work on stuff like a sidecut. She styled my wigs for Jean, Mikoto, Fujimoto, Akihito and Twig (will do so for Vi) and cut many, many more because she’s awesome and I suck at that. I really adore her abilities as to that and I have no idea how she does it. I guess it’s magic.
Another thing she does absolutely terrific is modeling. The millenium-item Bakura holds dear looks so awesome. Also she’s great with make up! I especially love what she does for different types of female characters – and her eyebrows as Satsuki and Erwin.
Furthermore she has a great understanding for the character she cosplays as. Her Hiroomi is 100% in character and although she made me suffer quite a lot I enjoyed the whole acting she did. As far as character-depicting goes I was most affected by Rikio from K-project. Since she herself says she’s more of a ‘girl’-cosplayer she depicted him so well and looked (and acted) just like some thug.
Her most precious cosplays to me until now are without a doubt Haru (Free!) and Marco (Snk). She looks so great as Haru and is a real pain in the ass for a certain shark, but nothingless a wonderful cosplay partner (hiding the fact she’s a ‘Golden Boy’ as soon as it comes to swimming pretty well).
…and Marco. Well. For me she’s the most perfect, accurate and well-played Marco there is. She puts so much love into every single bit of him and you really have no other choice but to like this precious character. She makes it so easy for me to think my way into Jean’s character.
I want her to be the Marco to my Jean forever – cosplaywise and in real life too.


  • Which of the characters you have cosplayed so far would you consider the closest to your own characteristics? Which ones differ the most?

I like to believe that I choose the characters I am cosplaying to be at least somewhat within my bounds of possibility representation-wise, but I don’t think I have to behave any differently than I normally would when I am cosplaying Marco Bodt (Shingeki no Kyojin).
Although I really enjoy wearing them, I don’t think flirty and overly confident characters and I are much alike. Therefore I’d say Anna Williams (Tekken) was the least like me out of the characters I have cosplayed thus far?

  • What is your favorite photo (irrespective of the character you are portraying) and why?

This question has been taking the most time out of me to answer, actually - but I’m going for this one.
I wasn’t really able to pick a photo irrespective of character, since I can’t particularly consider a picture my ‘favorite’ if I don’t even love the character enough (am I even making sense, who knows).
Therefore I was already pretty sure that I’d go for a picture of Marco when I first read this question - I just wasn’t entirely certain which one to pick.
The reason I went for this one mostly is that this was the first time we actually wore Jean and Marco (outside omegle, that is), something I have been looking forward to for about.. two months at that time.
(Also it’s Christmas themed. And I love Christmas. Don’t touch me.)

  • Is there a story linked to a certain costume you will never forget?

I won’t ever forget the stories revolving around the costumes in which I have got to know people I hold very dear, of course. And since I haven’t met all of those in one single costume… c:
But if I have to pick a certain costume to talk about, I’d go for Marco again. I don’t really think I have ever cosplayed a character I love more than him with people who are greater than those who were with me - I really hope we’ll get to do that again soon.
(Also, I won’t ever forget wearing YGOTAS-Bakura. Since I am still not entirely certain how I managed not to get beaten up horribly . .. and how I managed not to beat up Nor as Marik. It was magic, slightly British, and very gay.)

  • Let’s travel back in time to the origins of your history as a cosplayer. Have you ever portrayed a character you never would have dared to have a go at back then? Why did you change your mind?

Not thus far, though it has demanded (and sometimes still does) a great deal of me to crossplay, actually. Therefore, all male characters not having at least sooomewhat feminine features are something I never would’ve cosplayed in 2009.
Also, at the moment I am considering to cosplay a male character with a sidecut - which I wouldn’t even have managed to do back then because of the required wig skills.
I guess I’m becoming a little more daring. Whee ()

  • Do you have a specific material you enjoy working with? For which cosplay did you use it?

Craftfoam. Definitely. I have used it with so many cosplays already - but looking at the pictures above to give good examples - I have used it on Haruka (Free!), Seishirō (Tsubasa), Jun (Zone-00) and Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!).
…but apart from that, I mostly enjoy working with wigs, actually (if you can even consider those material).

  • Show us your favourite DERPpicture!

Those two!

  • Where can you be found?

(Also on facebook and skype, but since these are privat, you could message me elsewhere first c:)

1. Nanase Haruka (Free!) - Sin
2. Yami Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!) - spacemonkey
3. Ichihara Yuuko (xxxholic) - Nor
4. Kamamoto Rikio ([k]) - Maoh
5. Seishirou (Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE) - RenTao
6. Kanaya Maryam (Homestuck) - RenTao
7. MEIKO (Vocaloid) - acorea
8. Kaze Jun (Zone-00) - RenTao
9. Marco Bodt (Shingeki no kyoujin) - Maultaschenprinz

{July 24 2014}


{July 23 2014}


Akali [Bloodmoon] (League of Legends)

Photographer - bhorn

{July 22 2014}


I’m back from another convention - CosDay was hella and I enjoyed every single minute of those two days!
On Sunday we cosplayed from Hockey Homo, a manga by yaatelier, and we might… just might… have done a ‘little’ thingy. C8< Be prepared for further updates on that soon.
Also first time dear Luffy and I were allowed to go all doki doki together. <3

Reuben (Hockey Homo)

Carter/Crush - Luffy
Scott - Daisu
James - Freemon
Tommy - Sally
Asao - Kay
feat camera-chan Alexa! <3

{July 21 2014}


{July 18 2014}


Today’s Bezi's turn!
She’s basically my little sister in terms of not her high but our bound and a great cosplayer. Even though I probably didn’t leave such a pleasant surface impression (Sin and I had a intense moment dubbing our own photos and making up a story about poop) she became really precious to me.
She’s really fast and hardworking (although she doesn’t agree to that) as soon as it comes to sewing. I’m pretty impressed by her ability to sew a cute dress within just one day because to me dresses are the devil and not taking a break until the work is done. Her determination is something I look up to.
Since we know each other for quite some time now I was able to see her develop - especially in terms of make up (I love what she does for Mikasa) and in-character-acting. Her Mitsuki was pretty scary and she didn’t hold back as she kicked the crap out of Hiroomi and me. Also she’s a really accurate Mikasa and aware of how the character behaves although it’s far off her own character.
The most precious cosplay she ever made (and will do so in the future) is Sakura. She’s in my opinion without a doubt the most wonderful, caring, sweet and lovable Sakura there is and she’s one of the first reasons why I started to like Fai so much. Being this character just comes so easily to her and watching her cosplaying Sakura makes me happy.
I couldn’t stand losing her. Hopefully we’ll even retire together and drive the geriatric nurses crazy. :D


  • Which of the characters you have cosplayed so far would you consider the closest to your own characteristics? Which ones differ the most?

Huh, I kind of have a cosplay pattern so the most characters I cosplay are similar. I can’t name a specific character which resembles me the most but the one with who’s actions I can relate the most would be Sakura. (which I will be continuing to cosplay forever)

The one which differs the most would definitely be this lovely lady:
I had such a hard time portraying Stocking because she’s such a grumpy cat. Also the whole series is just so trashy. Too trashy for my taste, to be honest.
Also my Entei Gijinka because apparently Entei can’t stop running while I cannot even bring myself to start running.

  • What is your favorite photo (irrespective of the character you are portraying) and why?

Apart from the fact that I really like this haricolour on myself, for me the soap bubbles represent all the possibilities and choices that are waiting for Morgiana, now that she isn’t a slave anymore. She can make her own decisions -  something that is completely new to her. Quite symbolic.

  • Is there a story linked to a certain costume you will never forget?

When I was asked by my tsubasa group (which wasn’t really my tsubasa group back then, except for Fai-san maybe) if I would be interested to attend cosplay prom as Sakura with them, I nearly cried. Okay, it wasn’t nearly – I cried. It made me incredibly happy that they deemed me worthy enough to accompany them. Also Shaolan and Sakura are my one and only OTP and thinking about having Shaolan-kun as a prom date made me go all dokidoki.
I was looking forward to this evening for almost a year and I put alot of effort into this costume and what can I say – my feet were sore from dancing all night long and I had problems to wear sneakers even the next day because they hurt so bad but it was totally worth it. Even though I spent most of my dances with Shaolan-kun, I also got to dance with Kurogane-san, who told me it felt like dancing at his daughters wedding. He’s such a daddy. Sadly Fai-san and I didn’t manage to dance (apart from our driving-Kurogane-san-crazy-dance), but nevertheless I will definitely keep this evening as a very precious memory in my heart.

  • Let’s travel back in time to the origins of your history as a cosplayer. Have you ever portrayed a character you never would have dared to have a go at back then? Why did you change your mind?

When a friend of mine was looking for an Entei to complete her Legendary Pokemon group, the description was as follows: genderless and androgynous, which basically was the opposite of everything I’d ever done before. It kind of scared and appealed me equally. But it would also be an advancement and an outbreak of my usual cosplay pattern, so I decided to accept this challenge.
When my dear friend Sin presented me her design, this feeling intensified. It wasn’t only the androgynous part, that was challenging now: I also never wore a wig like that, never had to do make up like that and I’d never bound my chest before.
In hindsight I’m quite satisfied with how it turned out, though I need to work on my expression and posing and stuff but I guess that’s the process of advancing, isn’t it?

  • Do you have a specific material you enjoy working with? For which cosplay did you use it?

I’m a sewer, so I don’t really work with other materials than fabric. Which I use for every cosplay.

  • Show us your favourite DERPpicture!

Fun fact: the only pictures I have with all my favourite friends combined are stupid derp pictures as Shingeki no Kyoujin characters in Kigurumis. I love my friends. We weren’t drunk. I promise. Please check out the rest of them. ♥

  • Where can you be found?

cosplay tumblr
personal tumblr


1. Ichinose Hajime (Gatchaman) - Blowfish
2. Jenna (Golden Sun) - Shion
3. Sakura (Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE) - Aito
4. Morgiana (Magi) - Nishi
5. Nase Mitsuki (Kyoukai no Kanata) - Nor
6. Aguri (Adekan) - Shion
7. Sakura (Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE) - pu
8. Alice (Alice in Wonderland by Tsukiji Nao) - Sam
9. Korra (Legend of Korra) - Sin

{July 16 2014}


Funny thing about those pictures is… I actually forgot my blue contact lenses, so I had to cosplay him without. What you see here is my actual eye colour - changing thanks to the natural light.

Fai D. Flourite [Gardener] (Trc)

Sakura - Bezi
Photographer - Sin