{September 22 2014}


So… this was my birthday surprise for lovely Void. <3 It still makes me happy because it made her happy that day.

Ichimaru Gin (Bleach)

Matsumoto Rangiku - Void
Photographer - Cypher

{September 21 2014}


Sinbad [Backcover] (Magi)

Ja’far - Sin
Photographer - Sennar

{September 20 2014}


{September 19 2014}


Today’s AffF is dedicated to Shugo, one of my closest friends!
When we first met he was actually hanging on top of a street lamp because for some reason he decided climbing it was a must. Anyway, over all those years he became a really important person to me - also he’s a fantastic cook and I’m all into food. :D
He’s an incurable optimist, always having fun with what he does, extremly kindhearted and open - and sometimes so annoying that all I wanna do is slap him in the face with a fish. A really old fish.
Anyway, he’s a great guy and I’m so glad I was able to meet him. Going on conventions or cosplaying with him always means having tons of fun, getting to know a lot of new people and having the most derp pictures afterwards because he’s rarely seen without a camera regardless of which cosplay he’s wearing. Also he seems to never, like never ever get tired. He’s the guy still running around, asking for pictures or casually doing a handstand after four whole days at a convention while everyone else is to tired to get up again.
As a cosplayer I mostly admire his ability of building weapons. He’s a master at that task, making the most wonderful and original cosplay props within the shortest amound of time. Not only do they look absolutely stunning, they’re also functional - and heavy due to the fact he mostly uses wood to do cosplay drafting. Also he’s a great sewer. His costumes are always so accurately done, sometimes even sewed by hand (like his armor for Vegeta or the shoos for his Dragonball-costumes).
Other than that I was able to witness his development in terms of character depicting. Portraying a cold and dark-minded character isn’t that easy but he does such a great job by now! I was really impressed by the way he choose to depict characters like Kurogane or Vegeta, being the complete opposite of himself.
He’s a great guy with great skills, an important and reliable friend and an amazing cosplayer. I’m so glad I got to know him and I wish for him to stay part of my life forever - also I want to be able to eat his Okonomiyaki forevermore. :D


  • Which of the characters you have cosplayed so far would you consider the closest to your own characteristics? Which ones differ the most?

That’s a hard one. Son Gohan/Great Saiyaman, I guess. We both do the same shit except for me doing it on purpose while he does this stuff unwittingly. Furthermore I really like Dragonball - figures, who doesn’t? ^o^y
Gaara and I differ the most, especially as he is at the beginning of Naruto. He’s a really sad character and I’m pretty much the opposite.

  • What is your favorite photo (irrespective of the character you are portraying) and why?

Ranma is hilarious and the making off this picture was fun too. It took ages until we got this one shot. In addition to that it fits the manga quite well.

  • Is there a story linked to a certain costume you will never forget?

With my first cosplay (2006, Shugo from .hack) I managed it to take first place at a cosplay competition - first convention, first competition, first costume, four and a half kilogram Toblerone (a Swiss chocolate, mmmhm ^x^) as a prize.
This character is also responsible for my nickname.

  • Let’s travel back in time to the origins of your history as a cosplayer. Have you ever portrayed a character you never would have dared to have a go at back then? Why did you change your mind?

I originally never planned to cosplay Kurogane. Instead of him I wanted to cosplay Fai, because I used to think he’s way cooler. I have even started to built his magical rod (I actually just have to carve it and craft the details). Suddenly some weirdo (alias Nor) came along and asked if I want to join them cosplaying as a Tsubasa group. Technically they searched for a Fai, but since it wouldn’t have fit because of our frames, I got to be Kurogane (and Nor who wanted to cosplay Kurogane back then, cosplayed as Fai).
I do like Kurogane though, he’s a swordsman. ^x^y

  • Do you have a specific material you enjoy working with? For which cosplay did you use it?

Wood, especially plywood plates. With those I craft all of the weapons, more frequent for others. ^^’
I also enjoy working with leather, but until now I only did this for my LARP-stuff. I’m planning on cosplaying Link from Legends of Zelda though to work with leather.
(Let’s see if you’re able to find out where the following weapons are from! ^O^)

  • Show us your favourite DERPpicture!

  • Where can you be found?

Animexx - http://animexx.onlinewelten.com/cosplay/mitglied/215269/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shugo-Cosplays-GmbH/235754936619340?fref=ts

1. Roronoa Zoro (One Piece) - abolechander
2. Son Gohan (Dragonball) - acuera
3. Negi Springfield (Magister Negi Magi) - Neomeo
4. Kurogane (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle) - Nhat-ha
5. Saotome Ranma (Ranma 1/2) - acuera
6. Eikichi Onizuka (GTO) - abolechander
7. Ashitaka (Prinzessin Mononoke) - Green_Lantern
8. Honjō Ren (Nana) - chris_oramas
9. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece) - CouzaLotus

{September 18 2014}


As you might know by now I love making up stories and put them into photosets. I’ll do the same with our Free!-shooting, posting it once a week without picking a certain day.
The little poems I added are my own creations.

The vagabond’s and sheikh’s first meeting
Waterdrops were falling upwards, taking steady steps
Longing for the sky
The freedom there was
Yet brought back
Suddenly, unforseen
To sand and dust
By blistering fire

Matsuoka Rin [Arabian] (Free!)

Nanase Haruka - Void
Photographer - pu
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{September 17 2014}


Set 4 - Ups and downs [own thoughts]
The Deepwoods are full of surface irregularities, bold hills and rugged valleys, flat landscapes and, as it is well known thanks to the Rook-Saga, great lakes too.
It’s difficoult to retain orientation whether being high up in the air aboard a skyship or trapped within the woods themself. Twig, as a skypirate, knows about those pitfalls and tries to avoid them if possible. Therefore he makes use of everything he knows thanks to all those years he spent high up in the air. His group doesn’t really have a tangible designation; all they have is their aim to find the rest of the crew, not really knowing where they might be by now. The only thing he can do is make sure they keep moving forward without going around in an endless circuit.
To keep track of their route he depends on the position of the sun as well as the stars - and hills that are high enough to give him at least some kind of overview.
Even though Cowlquape still struggles because of his fear of hights he accompanies Twig (and stays close to him as soon as they approach a cliff) because he wonders about this landscape and would love to have it pictured on a map.
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Twig/Arborinus Verginix [Midnight over Sanctaphrax] (The Edge Chronicles)

The Edge Chronicles is my favourite fantasy novel series by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell.
Cowlquape Pentephraxis - pu
Photographer - Sin

{September 16 2014}


Connichi is over and I’m back home again, still incredible happy thanks to this awesome weekend and all the lovely guys I met there (sadly not all of them can be seen here but well - still love you guys! <3).
Also Connichi was some kind of ‘make some of the most precious people you know as happy as possible’-thing;

  1. [Friday] Kuro-sama/Neji’s favourite version of Kurogane and Fai are the outfits they wear in Nihon. After all the painful stuff we did together within the past year this just had to be done. We came home. (Also she got a small necklace - a fragile kind of ‘cage’ containing a light blue, sheer stone. It looks like Fai’s magic - see the thing I did there? c8 …furthermore Kuro-sama wasn’t the only one getting a gift. I got a Daruma. A red one. fjasöd)
  2. [Saturday] My best and beloved friend Sin loves Magi and Ja’far&Sinbad. She had to wait for almost two years until I finally set a date for those two characters. Also this was the first time we were just the two of us, cosplaying together something precious at a convention (until now we only joined different groups together). I enjoyed this day so much! I love you Spaggoi. <3
  3. [Sunday] This was Void's birthday! We decided to cosplay something together and (after turning all the possibilities over in our heads multiple times) ended up with Bleach. The thing is… she thought I'll be cosplaying Renji (since she asked me if I'd cosplay Gin for her and I rejected her HARD 8D) - well, I did not. It was more than worth it even though she yelled 'NO NO NO NO NO' several times and slapped me hard the moment she saw me. 10/10 would do again. :D Also we met leonhardt-relatable and yand-eren-jaegermeister weyyy C8

Lovely people on those pictures are Sin, Naphulim, Void, Bezi, leonhardt-relatable, Tenni and Neji. <3

{September 15 2014}


{September 11 2014}


{September 10 2014}


Set 3 - Dangerous glade [own thoughts and original storyline]
 If you’re trapped inside the Deepwoods and forced to face almost overall darkness and the scary things that tend to happen there, a bright clearing may feel like a deep inhaling after you’ve been under water for too long. As beautiful as such a glade within the woods may seem, their beauty makes them even more dangerous. Creatures making use of the effect an opening like this one creates for a group of lost travellers or an exhausted animal are devious and deathly - and also some of the most cruel entities the Deepwoods contains.
That’s what happened to Twig, Cowlquappe, Goom and especially Spooler after they managed it to just barely escape the slave market.
They let their guard down even though at least three of them know about the pitfalls of this world, benumb by daily routine. Even Cowlquape starts to relax and actually enjoying his stay in the Deepwoods - which isn’t a mistake overall, but letting down your guard is undoubetly.
Although the prowlgrims start to get nervous and end up fleeing right afterwards none of the group was prepared for what occured on this specific glade. Spooler pays for it with his own life…
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Twig/Arborinus Verginix [Midnight over Sanctaphrax] (The Edge Chronicles)

The Edge Chronicles is my favourite fantasy novel series by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell.
Cowlquape Pentephraxis - pu
Photographer - Sin